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Nilmeier Financial & Insurance Services is owned and operated by second and third generation family members, with a rich history stretching back to 1963. Elmer Nilmeier entered the life and disability insurance planning business in 1963 when he joined Paul Revere Insurance Group. Elmer's son, Richard joined the same company in 1969 and stayed with them for the first twenty seven years of his career.

In 1996 he left Paul Revere and formed Nilmeier Financial and Insurance Services, focusing not only on insurance planning but comprehensive wealth management, which today includes a host of financial services and products offered through United Planners Financial Services of America. John Nilmeier, son of Richard, entered the business in 2005 after graduating with a degree in financial planning from California State University, Fresno.

We bring the value of our independence, knowledge, experience, and education to every client interaction. Our relationship with independent Broker/Dealer, United Planners, allows us to choose from a variety of different financial products in the creation of our financial solutions. Our independence allows our company to consistently scan the vast universe of investment, insurance, and retirement platforms making certain that we're presenting only the best options to our clients.

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